Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk is an arcade game from the studio VOODOO where you have to try to sink tons of baskets after doing as many flips in the air as you can. With a pretty basic gameplay, the fun is guaranteed as you face each increasingly difficult level.

The graphics show each different setting in three dimensions where you’ll always see a basket. All you have to do is keep your finger on the screen to jump and flip around in the air. You need to be careful though, because if you don’t let go before you reach the basket, you won’t get the ball in and you’ll fail the level.

In the first levels, you’ll be close to the baskets, but as you start completing the levels, the difficulty will intensify. This means that you’ll have to more accurately calculate the number of flips you’re able to do as you go. Plus, Flip Dunk will give you a minimum number of flips to complete in order to pass each challenge.

Flip Dunk lets you show off your basketball skills in a pretty unique way. Here, it’s not enough just to make a basket without touching the rim. Instead, the game will have you flying through the air to make as many loops as possible and still manage to slam dunk the ball every time.