Mafia City

★★ Mobile game of immersive strategy in the mafia world, play with millions of player from around the world ★★

☆ Worldwide connection, no difference between color, language or nationality! Come fight together for the godfather position!
☆ Clan, looting, occupation and disruption between gangs, intrigue and a fierce fight for the seat of the fittest!

☆ Mafia life very hard and hectic! Fight for power and fulfill your leadership dream, you will not be able to “stop” playing!
☆ Interactive War on a sandbox game, battles every day of the year!
★★ Game Feature ★ ★
☆☆ HD Unity 3D Game Engine, High Quality Zoom, Multi-angle 360-Degree Display, with High Definition Photos. All this will bring you into a world with a reality close to ours.

☆☆ The union is strength! With your companions, you can set all your different against your enemies. Create your clan and awaken the potential talent of your members. Because if today, you let your enemies live, tomorrow, It is they who will come to crush you!

☆☆ The only global server with a professional translation system that is able to translate all languages.
✔ Where you come from, and how you communicate does not matter! Here, only family and loyalty matter.
✔With your family / clan, come take all the territories under your thumb.

☆☆ Four training camps, dozens of gangsters waiting to be recruited! ☆☆
✔ Malfrat, even the word ‘Human Weapon’ can not describe his ferocity. For them, conflicts are one of the pleasures of life!
✔ Shooters have the ability to handle all kinds of weapons, machine guns, rifles, artillery etc.
✔ Biker, with the high speed of his locomotive, he is very strong for looting and destruction. It becomes a nightmare for his enemy.
✔Modified vehicle, from a minivan to a military Hummer, all things that could have been imagined, we can make it real!

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